For overnight there are 5 rooms (12 persons + 6 extra beds on request) available on the second floor. Room 2 has in room bathroom with bath/shower and WC, For other rooms there is shared bathroom with shower available on the second floor. Bathroom on the first floor (near sauna) can also be used. TV and satellite is available in the second floor hall.

Hall on the second floor

Room 1 - one double bed and a single bed

Room 2 - "honeymoon suite" with king size bed and in room bathroom

Room 2 - en suite bathroom

Room 4 - 2 single beds and child cot

Guest kitchen

Batchroom with shower shared by 4 guest rooms
Also available rooms:
  • Room Nr.3. with 1 double bed.
  • Room Nr.5. with 1 double bed and 1 single bed